Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

18 years old , NOW!!! \(o,o)/

thanks to Allah SWT , karena atas karunianya novy masih bisa merasakan indahnya berkumpul bersama orang tua novy , orang terdekat (pacar dan sahabat-sahabat novy disini)
and now, on the 27th yesterday, I was just 18 years old .. there will be many challenges for you, Novy. so, get ready for it.. 

thank you for everything my Allah , thanks a lot mom and dad , thank you so much Muh.rizky , thank yooouuuuu Commitee of HMA, and my besties ...

and this is the brief story of my birthday yesterday. CHECK IT OUT !!!

suprise from HMA's commitee (k'indah and k'zira)
thanks you so much guys..

tartcake day from HMA's commite 

HMA's commitee gathered at my house to celebrate my birthday ..

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