Sabtu, 11 Juni 2011

back to december !! i love this song :*

Hi!  So here's Taylor's next hit!  This song is really good  
& seriously, I wouldn't expect anything less from her:) I
had 2 different versions and couldn't decided, but in the 
end the this one won out. Plus, not everyone has a capo.
Have fun and please **RATE**  Thanks :)

Capo version:
   Click the TRANSPOSE bar above(Down 2 half steps), & put a
CAPO ON 2.  D Bm G A becomes C Am F G. 

So, I've finally seen Taylor play this on her guitar and she uses
a CAPO ON 2.  Her back-up guitarist however, uses these same
chords and does not use a capo.  I did change the two wrong A's 
in the chorus to the correct F#m (which I can't play, but when 
transposed it becomes an easy Em, the correct chord that Taylor 
plays). So, do like I previously said and use the capo version to 

                  PLAY IT LIKE TAYLOR DOES!!

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